You are considering buying or building in Zagreb? Be sure to visit Bel Village!

Your own swimming pool, relaxation spa, a rooftop to enjoy and even a built-in elevator – all the luxuries and pleasures you can imagine and some you never even dreamt about are waiting you on the rolling hills idyll of the beautiful Mlinovi, just four kilometers from Ban Jelačić square.

How Can We Spoil You?

Bel Village is a luxury villa complex created for a complete yielding to the beauty of living the high life. These spacious smart houses, perfectly blended into the surrounding landscape and decorated with the most modern technology, present a completely new standard for quality where all the pleasures are just a push of a button away, and the residents simply need to choose what they want to be spoiled with and where.

An Idyll at the City Gates

Barbecue in the beautiful garden, lounging at the pool, enjoying the sauna, preparing delicacies in the amazingly furnished chef’s kitchen, perfect relaxation in designer rooms, a morning salute to the sun or an evening cocktail party on the rooftop terrace you don’t even have to walk up to because each villa has its own built-in elevator…

It’s all so perfect you’ll have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming but fear not, this isn’t just reality, it’s your best life in luxury and in the pleasure of a home you deserve. And now you can have all of it…



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