Comfortable living in a cutting-edge technology environment... Without a doubt, Bel Village will win you over at first sight with its concept of luxury living in the 21st century!

Intelligent solutions for modern living

Smart homes have been around for some time now, but Bel Village takes the whole idea of ​​modern living to a higher level. The magical name is Gira KNX – an advanced high-tech home automation system that allows easy and simple control of heating, ventilation, lighting, safety and security programs, and other equipment and appliances in the home. In short, in Bel Village you will feel like you are in some kind of futuristic film!

Carefully selected, reliable and intelligent heating and ventilation solutions ensure a maximum comfort of everyday living. Viessmann water heaters, Jaga heaters, Danfoss underfloor heating, Mitsubishi air conditioning and MAICO ventilation are just some of the top performance systems that will create the best possible atmosphere in the privacy of your home at all times, day and night.


Pools can be smart, too

In our villas, pools are also – smart! All pools come with RGB lighting connected to the smart home system, while the outdoor ones are equipped with overflowing edges ensuring a constant water purity. Indoor pool heating is also integrated into smart systems, and the pools are also equipped with a counter-current swimming system and whirlpool equipment. Cleanliness will be ensured by robotic cleaners that will “polish” the bottom and walls of the pool. Really cool, right


Elevators and windows with a high-tech touch

And after your refreshment in the pool, the energy-efficient and soundproof elevators will take you to the desired floor of your villa. The villas have built-in modern SYNERGY Blue elevators by Thyssen Krupp, the first of this kind in Croatia and precisely in Bel Village, and what makes them specific is the fact they can recycle energy and return it into the energy system. Some villas have SYNERGY S1 elevators, proud Best Design Award winners at the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design competition.

The touch of advanced technology did not get round the windows neither, which are made of three-layer laminated oak and pine profiles made by manufacturer HOLZ-SCHILLER, while excellent insulation is made possible by Gutmann’s highly efficient aluminium systems. It all comes with a hidden opening/closing systems and built-in shutters powered by motors. Top technology lives with you in Bel Village and it is the best “roommate” you’ll ever have!


The wonders of modern technology are a perfect fit for the living space of the villas in Mlinovi, where the future is not just around the corner, but it has long since arrived and serves only you!



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