How much luxury do you want in your daily life? Your wish is our command!

There are swimming pools for which you do not have to pay a ticket for, gyms for which you do not have to pay a membership for, spa centers that are always open to you, viewpoints that do not require hours of climbing, lounge bars where you can always get a bite of food prepared just how you like it and a cocktail made however your drink it, whenever you want it. All this and much more is waiting for you in your new home at the paradise location of the Mlinovi under the slopes of Medvednica.

At Bel Village, you choose your own measure of luxury, but without compromise when it comes to quality of life and quality of housing. Each one of the 14 luxury villas is equipped with the most advanced modern technologies, energy-saving systems as well as security and smart home installations. Add to that top architecture with the signature of the famous London Studio Chapman Taylor which gels with the rhythm of nature, because each villa is designed as a relaxing oasis of elegant horticulture.

Villas for the Life you Have Always Deserved

Three types of luxury villas allow you to choose the level of luxury and comfort for your most comfortable everyday life. Owners of the Bel Jour Villa practically jump from their living room into the outdoor pool and walk from it to their own sauna or barbecue in the beautifully landscaped garden. Each family member can choose whether to enjoy some company and socialize or to be alone with a good book in their own piece of paradise.

The Bel Paire Villas are duplex villas with two separate luxury apartments with a three-floor symmetrical layout ideal for families with children who will have plenty of play and space to run without compromising the privacy of their neighbors.

Hedonism Without Compromise

The hedonists among you will love their life in the perfect luxury of a Bel Ami villa with its outdoor and indoor pools, spacious spa area and interior decoration designed for unforgettable social gatherings and crazy fun at any time of the day and year.


What is your measure of luxury? You do not have to decide immediately. With one call or email, arrange a tour of the Bel Village resort and let your new home find you.

See you in Mlinovi!

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