The first associations of autumn are usually chestnuts and yellow leaves. The fruits of this plant are harvested in mid-October and are an integral part of autumn gastronomic stories, both in restaurants and in the kitchens of many households.

Chestnuts contain calcium and iron and are rich in vitamins B and E. Unlike other nuts, chestnuts are low in calories, so they can fit well into a balanced diet. Interestingly, they don’t contain gluten and can be consumed by people who avoid gluten in their diet. Chestnuts are used as an addition to salads and soups, as well as for making honey and various desserts. The simplest way to consume it, however, is its roasted or boiled version. If you have access to a yard and an open fire, as is the case in Bel Village villas, roasted chestnuts are the best option. Invite some friends and enjoy warm chestnuts and a cup of mulled wine. A true autumn idyll.

On the streets of Zagreb, you will often hear: “Maruni, maruni, hot maruni“. There is a difference between chestnuts that you can usually find in supermarkets and roasted maruni that are sold on the streets of cities. Maruni are actually a refined version of chestnuts, and, in Croatia, the most famous is the Lovran marun. The main difference between these two chestnuts is in their colour—maruni are lighter, their shell separates easier and faster, and they taste sweeter. That is why maruni make a better choice in confectionery when making desserts. In order not to just talk about it, we suggest that you try making this classic autumn dessert—the chestnut puree.


– 1 kg of chestnuts
– 500 ml of whole milk
– 2 vanilla sugars sachets
– 20 g white sugar
– 25 ml of rum
– whipped sweet cream for decoration

The preparation is very simple. You need to cook and then peel the chestnut shell. When you clean them well, they are easiest to grind in a blender. In a saucepan, mix the milk, rum, and sugar. Add the ground chestnuts and let everything cook until the chestnuts have completely absorbed the milk. Serve in bowls and top with whipped cream.

Bon appétit!



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