The bar is a place of fun, socializing and relaxation, and in the Bel Village villas it is an indispensable part of living space. Here's how to get the most out of it!

The party is at the bar

When organizing a party or a large gathering in the privacy of your home, you can be sure of one thing: the bar will be one of the “busiest” places and everyone at the party will rest their elbow there at least once. So make sure it is not empty during the evening, put a few bottles of liquor and wine on it (keep the beer in a nearby refrigerator nevertheless), with enough glasses for your guests. Let everyone serve themselves at will! Salty snacks are a must, and delicious canapé sandwiches will only raise your rating of a great host.

Feel free to put a metal ice bucket on the bar – everyone will surely take some before it melts (of course, make sure you always have a secret stash of ice in the freezer). Lemon and lime slices, spices for gin, cup decorations, colourful napkins and similar things should all find their place here. If you are adept at making cocktails, take the cocktail shaker out, stand behind the bar, and start making imaginative alcohol combinations that will delight your guests. Congratulations, you’ve turned one corner of your home into a high-end bar – at least for one evening.

A place for everyday rituals – and decorations

A home bar doesn’t have to be just a “star of the night”. Here you can have your first coffee, flip through your morning newspaper, make a quick breakfast, sort your groceries after shopping, have endless phone calls, read a book… You see where we’re going with us. The bar is the perfect place for your everyday rituals and those little things that make your day better.

Since the bar is an important part of your living space, make sure it is eye-pleasing, too! Decorate it with a creeping plant, framed photos, colourful candles or lovely ceramic figurines. An antique desk clock will also serve as a really nice decoration.

You can also “dress up” your bar according to the seasons. In the winter, decorate it with Christmas lights and with colourful flower arrangements in the spring. In the summer, however, marine motifs such as seashells or dried lavender bouquets are the most appropriate, while at least one pumpkin must be found on the bar in the autumn. Use the decorations subtly and make sure that they do not take up too much of the bar surface and arrange them along the edges.

Of course, when the time comes for a new house party, put away all your fragile and breakable decorations.

Don’t worry, nobody in Bel Village measures the time spent at the bar!



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