When your mouth starts watering, an unforgettable meal awaits you just a few minutes of pleasant walk away. You just have to wish for it!

Comfort is the word that best describes life in Bel Village estate, where we designed every inch of the living space for the complete pleasure of your luxury living. The comfort, of course, includes the pleasure of cooking and dining, because for you we have designed kitchens worthy of envy even of professional chefs, and dining rooms where everything is subordinated to the joy of gathering and socializing. But what about the time when you really don’t feel like cooking and you want to be taken care of the way you always take care of others? Mlinovi is a true gastronomic oasis where you simply have to wish how to be spoiled. This is our selection of three top restaurants right next to your villa. You don’t even have to start the car to enjoy the superb local and international specialties just a few minutes away!

Papavero, Mlinovi 85a

The recently opened Papavero has become, in a short time, a true sensation for Italian cuisine lovers. The owners of the restaurant, Ana from Slavonia and Pasquale from Italy, offer their guests only the best ingredients. The dough of their pizza is made solely with natural yeast and flour obtained by grinding whole grain with a stone mill, which can be felt with every irresistible bite. In addition to pizza with a completely unique taste, Papavero offers a wide selection of Italian specialties reintegrated into Croatian cuisine, as well as a superb selection of desserts. All of it just a few minutes’ walk from your villa!

Šestinski lagvić, Prilaz Kraljičinom zdencu 12

If you feel like tasting traditional Croatian cuisine, you definitely must not miss Šestinski lagvić. The restaurant with a long tradition is dominated by a huge terrace offering an unforgettable view of the Croatian capital. Enjoy its top quality grilled dishes, as well as pasta, bread baked under the lid called peka, strudels and inevitable dumplings called štrukli, prepared in the restaurant’s kitchen following ancient authentic recipes.

Okrugljak, Mlinovi 28

The iconic Okrugljak Okrugljak boasts about its epithet of being one of the most “Zagreb-like” restaurants, and it has been open now for hundred years! All the best of Croatian gastronomy is represented in Okrugljak, a gathering place that became a long time ago an indispensable part of Zagreb’s urban culture. Listing an endless array of top quality traditional specialties at this fine-dining restaurant is a futile job, so we recommend that you visit it personally as soon as possible, and prepare to be impressed, just like generations and generations of elderly and young Zagreb’s citizens who celebrate all their important and joyful moments in Okrugljak.



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