It was a golden night to remember… Watch the video.

Golden confetti in the air, golden leaves glittering in champagne glasses, Vanda Winter‘s golden voice delighting all present with olden goldies from a bygone era, strategically placed golden accents enhancing the glamour at every step, yes, that beautiful evening truly justified its theme of gold at the Housewarming Party where the Bel Village villas were presented as a gold standard for best, most comfortable, technologically most advanced homes.

On the evening of October 18th, the impeccably decorated Villa number 5, played host to many of our most prominent citizens who enjoyed the amazing party, the superb delicacies from the prestigious Noel restaurant and original cocktails by award-winning Croatian barmen, but it was the luxurious Villa number 5 that was the number one star.

Villas for a Golden Life

A built-in silent elevator was working hard all night, taking curious visitors from the garden pool to the sumptuous rooftop terrace where the popular DJ Rea played the greatest dance, the finest French wines were poured into glasses under the lights of gorgeous Campari Plus chandeliers in the professional chefs’ kitchen, and all through the villa’s hallways there could be heard the delighted sighs of guests who had just discovered some new room or another wonder of smart technology at Bel Village residents’ disposal. Besides, let our guests tell you themselves how they spent that great evening.

Watch our video and if you want to see these beautiful villas for yourself, you can schedule your visit to Bel Village at any time of your choosing.



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