The capital hides some really unusual, but very valuable museums to visit.

How many have you discovered and visited so far? If that number is small, this is a great suggestion on how to spend a weekend in Zagreb. Defeat boredom with art!

Museum of Illusions

This museum will not leave anyone indifferent. Especially if you capture everything with photos and share them with friends. The museum houses over 70 exhibits and is the largest collection of holograms in this part of Europe. Resist gravity in the Anti-gravity Room, try not to get lost in the Infinity Room, “serve someone’s head on a platter” and climb the ceiling in the Rotated Room! Take your friends and have fun with optical illusions.

Chocolate Museum

Can it get any better than this, especially if you have a sweet tooth? This is the sweetest museum you can visit in Zagreb, and literally so, because you have the opportunity to taste nine different types of this adored delicacy. You can also sign up to make pralines—isn’t that a great idea for a date? In this museum, everyone can experience their Willy Wonka adventure.

Museum of Broken Relationships

This unique museum, which holds memories of failed love affairs, is located in the Upper Town. The exhibits used to cause pain to their owners, and this museum, which reminds us that we are not alone because, at some point, we have all gone through similar experiences, is the right place for both exhibitors and visitors to overcome the pains of love—and in the best way, with a healing smile. The Museum of Broken Relationships has two permanent exhibitions, one in Zagreb and the other in Los Angeles.

Hangover Museum

Something different, more wacky and quite unbelievable! In Preradovićeva Street, there is this small museum dedicated to the memories of drunken nights with friends. Stories and objects that marked one’s drunkenness are major exhibits. Next time you’re in the city center, don’t miss to visit this museum gem.



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