It is well known that long distance relationships can be complex, especially during the holidays when we want to spend time with family and friends.

In Bel Village, which has 14 luxury villas, we are solving such problems. Privacy, luxury, coexistence – the idea behind the Bel Paire Duplex Villas is a great solution for all families and people who find their happiness in being together.

Living in the duplex villas provides comfort and privacy within your own four walls, and because of the special features of their floor plan, including two separate apartments on three floors, you can share beautiful moments with your family, friends and loved ones in the immediate vicinity.

Birthdays, various celebrations, Christmas and parties in the duplex villas are a very special experience. The terrace and barbecue area, the green areas and the entertaining area for kids represent just a fraction of the benefits of living in the architectural “twin sisters” with the signature of the famous London studio Chapman Taylor.

When we have a choice, everything seems simpler. Whether you want to organize a game night, home cinema, karaoke, or just book your own time with your favourite book or TV series – it’s your choice! And if you decide to socialize, there is no need for long planning or organization in the Bel Paire villas, because your good company is right there in the apartment next door!

You are often absent for work, and you have to bother either your children or your own parents just for using “grandma’s babysitting service”?! Not necessarily! In the duplex villas no one has to be in the unenviable position when your dear and trusted people live nearby.

A glass of good wine is always better with a delicious cheese, a glass of champagne is incomplete without sweet strawberries, fruit blends in perfectly with the melted chocolate…

Some things just go better in pairs, and life in the duplex will prove it!



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