Why are Bel Village villas the perfect place for a memorable New Year's Eve? At least 10 reasons come to mind!

1. Enough room for everyone

In Bel Village villas, the space on just about every floor can be used for an unforgettable party, no matter how many guests you invite!

2. Perfect acoustics

Wherever your guests may be, they will enjoy a perfect sound of your favourite hits everywhere.

3. Living room as a dance floor

Spacious and facing the garden and terrace, your living room is the best dance floor you can wish for on New Year’s Eve.

4. Rooftop fireworks

Your rooftop terrace is the ultimate strategic place for indulging in the charm of romance, but also for enjoying spectacular New Year’s fireworks.

5. Kitchen for professional chefs

The spacious and professionally equipped kitchen is perfect for preparing a New Year’s Eve feast and arranging an irresistible buffet for your guests.

6. No toilet queues

There are enough bathrooms and toilets in the villas so your guests will not have to wait in line and miss out on your unforgettable party.

7. Champagne in the Garden of Eden

With decorations and light installations, the garden patio is designed for the midnight countdown and for serving New Year’s champagne.

8. New Year’s swim

Your crazy party will really turn into the craziest night of the year if you invite your guests to join you in the pool or hot tub. Of course, with champagne in their hands!

9. Wonders of modern technology

Technology for a premium luxury is integrated into each villa and it will make your guests feel comfortable, safe and loved at all times during the party.

10. Sauna for a New Year’s hangover

And when the party is over and the last guests leave, it is time to turn on your sauna, get rid of any accumulated toxins and head off to a happy new year headache-free!

Bel Village wishes you happy holidays and an unforgettable New Year’s Eve in Zagreb’s Mlinovi!



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