While the soil is taking a rest in the winter fairy tale and you are daydreaming about summer outdoor gatherings, planning a future garden design is a good way to pass time and to also get ready for cocktail parties during warmer seasons!

Magnificent and striking, the Bel Village villas attract attention with their elegant design and exceptional functionality. Although they represent the crown of the property, the greenery surrounding it is a royal mantle that you can design and decorate to suit your own preferences. With enough imagination and good will, gardening will soon turn your villa into a home, as well as the right place for relaxation. Get inspired!

Rest after a hard day’s work

A busy lifestyle takes its toll – you have surely already experienced fatigue, both physical and mental. If you are looking for an enjoyable hobby that will also help you relax, gardening is the perfect choice and Bel Village is the perfect location. Each of our villas is surrounded by gardens and greenery and, of course, you can plant seedlings of your choice.

Magical gardens of Bel Village

Once you settle in one of the luxury villas on our estate, it goes without saying that you will want to enjoy its equally exclusive exterior. If your choice is the Bel Jour villa, its swimming pools will certainly add an additional charm to it. Plants such as palm trees and bougainvillea will contribute to the magic of that ambient, which will make your daily life look like a holiday in some exclusive world destination. But if you have always imagined that someday a small topiary will adorn your garden, with skilful hands, a lot of goodwill and a few bushes of box, cypress or thuja, you can do it!

If, on the other hand, you want to redesign your garden more often, seasonal plants are a more appropriate solution. The ideal choice for springtime are bulb flowers of gladioli, tulips, crocosmias and lilies, while autumn loves amaryllis and cyclamen.

The Bel Village villas bring you the best of both worlds – you can live in the city while still being surrounded by your favourite plants!

Enjoy your own lawn, take care of your body and mind by nurturing the plants and, in the evening, toast with a glass of champagne with your friends in the shade of your own trees!



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