Good news for all plants and greenery lovers! Even to those who can't keep a cactus alive in their home, terrariums are becoming increasingly popular, do not require much attention or large amounts of water, and will turn your home into a true green oasis.

Due to their popularity, they are easily available, but it is a real pleasure when you make them yourself. If you are looking for a new hobby or simply need something to freshen up your home, a miniature garden in a glass bottle is the ideal solution. Before embarking on a terrarium venture, find out what you need to know and what material you need to use.

NEEDED: glass jar, pebbles, charcoal, substrate, plants, scissors and tweezers, funnel, moss …

First and foremost, determine the conditions in your own home and adapt to them. A Bel Village villa with its large glass walls that let in light, is an ideal location for plants. If your space also has a lot of daylight, choose an open terrarium for growing succulents and cacti, or a closed terrarium for plants that need a lot of moisture and can be placed in darker spaces. Make sure that the plants you choose do not overgrow the space of the glass dome. Less is more when it comes to the number of plants you will fit into the terrarium. It is only important to achieve contrast, with some higher and some lower plants. For a better visual effect, use moss or a small fern.

MAKING: Use a funnel so as not to soil the terrarium sides while pouring the layers. The bottom layer is always drainage made of fine sand, pebbles of gravel, or very coarse-grained sand. It is important to wash the drainage stones with hot water so as not to contaminate the plants. To filter and maintain cleanliness, you should include a thin layer of charcoal. The top layer is made out of a thin moss cover. It will prevent the soil from penetrating the drainage layer. The final layer is made out of the terrarium substrate. Use tweezers and scissors to shape and position the plants in a glass jar and when you are happy with the look, your terrarium is ready.

Mini-gardens arranged in this way can serve as beautiful gifts for guests, and they can also, as decorative elements, make your home more beautiful.

This is an ideal way to bring nature into your home in a minimalist way.



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