We love each season for a variety of reasons, and each one has its own enchanting colours. It is hard not to enjoy the rustic autumn with its 100 shades of orange, purple or red and slightly luxurious shades of golden yellow.

The magic of autumn is best experienced in nature, and your own garden can easily become a fairytale-like space. A pleasant freshness after the summer heat calls for some seasonal gardening, and it is necessary to take care of existing plants before winter or complete the garden with new ones that have patiently waited for their turn for planting.

“Rejuvenate” the bushes and make sure you have the most beautiful lawn

Autumn pruning refers mostly to bushes and hedges. When bushes turn yellow, the stems begin to bend towards the ground or seeds begin to form, which is a sign that it is time to cut them. Before cutting, we definitely recommend that you get additional information about the types of bushes and how to treat them.

Low temperatures and higher humidity during the winter are the reasons why hedges are pruned and lawn is mowed for the last time in autumn. When pruning a hedge, one should make sure not to leave any holes so that it does not look bare in winter, and it is recommended to mow the lawn at a height of at least 5 centimetres. Fallen leaves should be cleaned regularly, and instead of a classic fertilizer, one should use an autumn one, which usually contains a low amount of nitrogen and more potassium, which increases frost resistance.

Enjoy the flowers and protect the trees

If you have already enriched your garden with perennials and annual flowers that bloom in autumn, you can enjoy them before they snuggle under the winter cover. For those of you who are still in a planning phase, there are several types of flowers and plants that are planted just at this time of year like tulips, pansies or roses.

The trees save their most interesting creations for autumn. With the multicolour splendour of the leaves in all autumn colours, it is as if they are trying to impress us as much as possible before the winter holidays. To make the trees shine again in springtime, don’t forget to protect them properly before the beginning of winter.

Spend a pleasant autumn in the luxurious surroundings of Bel Village!



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