On Thursday, June 13th, 2019, a unique pop art event entitled Trokut - Vernissage à la Bel Village was held in Bel Village.

The event was conceived as an artistic intervention into exclusive and unusual spaces, a fusion of art and entrepreneurship, of architecture and design. The exhibited works are two parts of the various creative phases of Vladimir Dodig Trokut. One is represented by Viva la Muerte, dedicated to the Spanish Civil War as a series of paintings, installations and collages, and the other by graphics from his Attributive Participation.

Vladimir Dodig Trokut was an artist, collector, art historian, anthropologist, theorist, shaman and alchemist. His life and vision were unique in every sense. The Grand Opening was not missed by numerous elite socialites such as Kristina Krepela, Lana Gojak, Loredana, Tomislav Bahorić, Miran Kurspahić and many others.

Although he was a world-class artist, during his lifetime he did not receive the international recognition he so richly deserved. It is time for his work to be recognized and his work and vision to remain alive. This was the intent of the pop-up art event called Trokut – Vernissage à la Bel Village, which was officially inaugurated on June 13th, 2019, at the Bel Village in the Zagreb neighborhood of Mlinovi.

The exhibited pieces are part of the 2018 St. Moritz exhibition and some belong to the private collection of Silvije Hrastea friend, collector and the main promoter of this project. The environment of the event is the luxurious residential area of Bel Village in the Mlinovi neighborhood of ​​Zagreb, which was made available by the investor Sven Uwe Ernst, a great admirer of Trotkut. This is actually a very unusual environment for the presentation of Trokut’s work because he preferred edgy, strange surroundings, but the juxtaposition is quite appropriate.

The event is just the first in a series of exclusive art events that will combine innovative art, exclusive spaces and diversified audiences ready for full immersion into creativity.

Vladimir Dodig Trokut was a rare, unique person, and his spirit was unique and unparalleled – not just in Croatia, but in the whole world. Trokut, an urban legend, a rare visionary artist and national treasure, will not be forgotten.

The exhibition will be open to the public until September 1st, 2019, and can be viewed with advance notice via email info@belvillage.hr.



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