Life at Bel Village brings you many beautiful things, and one of them will be especially appreciated during hot days. Splash – it is time for refreshment in your own pool!

A pool takes one’s home and living space to a whole new level, and its advantages are especially evident during a long hot summer…

Recreation and swimming – now and anytime

Whether early in the morning or late in the evening, the pool is always there for you! In other words, whenever you feel the need to swim and dive, or do a bit of healthy recreation in the water, you can simply walk to your patio and indulge in your favourite physical activity.

Refreshment at your fingertips

When the pool is under your nose, you don’t have to travel to the sea, a river or a public pool to cool off and freshen up. Yes, yes, clearly a home pool cannot replace the beach, the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves, but during a summer heat you will be immensely glad it is just a few steps away from you.

A relaxing oasis in the courtyard

You can create a true little summer oasis by the pool. Get some comfortable loungers, prepare your favourite cocktail, stretch out and let the relaxation begin! Repeat this several times each day, alone or in the company of your loved one. How about a barbecue by the pool on the weekends? We knew you would like that idea.

No crowds or stress

The pool is there just for you (and your loved ones). There are no crowds like the ones on the beach, no noise, no crowds of swimmers entering or jumping into the water from all directions. Forget about any stress, the perfect summer zen is waiting for you on the patio every day.

The perfect backdrop for your rituals

In the summer, enjoy in your favourite rituals by the pool. Breakfast and coffee by the pool? Why not? The pool is also the perfect backdrop for reading a good book, listening to music, long phone conversations with friends… You get it! Of course, nonchalantly soaking your feet in the water, while dealing with the little things that mean the most, goes without saying.

Relax and indulge in some water fun at Bel Village!



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