Nature lovers dream of living in a location such as the one of the Bel Village villas, which are situated on the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountain in the Mlinovi neighborhood. In addition to the proximity of the city center, mountains and nature are within easy reach. Let's reach the heights!

“To Sljeme, to Sljeme, to Sljeme, the leg starts running by itself”, these verses are known to all the Zagreb locals, and beyond. Sljeme is Medvednica’s highest peak and it has been a favorite weekend destination for many years now. Escape to nature, where there is no place for stress, best describes this Zagreb gem.

In the spring, there are countless opportunities for excursions, active walks, hiking, meditation, brisk walking, trekking… After physical exertion, getting some refreshments in mountain lodges is rewarding. Eating beans with sausages, barbecue, or the popular štrukli refills the lost energy.

You can get to Sljeme by taking an asphalt road, a hiking trail, and soon a new cable car, which makes this peak accessible to everyone, from children to the elderly population. The choice of transport is up to you, but climbing up on foot is definitely the best way for a complete Sljeme experience.

Why visit Medvednica and its peak?

1. Within the park, there are as many as 1205 species and subspecies, especially different kinds of trees. The hills at the foot of the mountain are covered with sessile oak and hornbeam forests, the gentle slopes with sweet chestnut, and most of Medvednica is covered with beech forest, and partly fir, sycamore maple, and ash.

2. On Medvednica there are as many as seventy hiking trails of various lengths, for recreationists and more serious, experienced mountaineers. You can also ride a bike on the wooded slopes (there is a network of eight circular bicycle paths and a transversal one that connects all of them).

3. Untouched nature awaits you only a few tram stops from the city center. Use your trip to the Medvednica Nature Park for resting and engaging in physical activity that everyone really needs, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

Don’t forget to recharge your batteries, but also take photos of some memorable moments!



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