Enjoying your green corner, especially in a luxurious Bel Village villa, is an ideal activity this spring. Carpe diem – yard edition!

Morning Coffee – Greeting the Sun

Every true hedonist starts his day with his favorite cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast. Instead of being in the kitchen or your living room, you should have it outside, and the yard is an ideal location, especially if you have a landscaped corner with a table and chairs like in Bel Village villas. Drinking coffee with the first rays of sunshine will be an absolute delight. A blanket, coffee, or hot tea (depending on what your elixir is), solo or in good company – you won’t regret it. If this sounds tempting, set the alarm clock an hour early and as early as tomorrow you can be that morning hedonist. The early bird catches the worm!

Afternoon Siesta

The weekends are perfect for complete relaxation, and spring offers the possibility of staying outside. Thanks to modern technology and heaters in the pool, swimming or simply relaxing in the water can recharge your batteries. If you are a peace and quiet type of person, take your favorite book, favorite drink, seasonal fruit, and recline in a comfortable armchair or, better yet, a hanging swing, and let the literary work take you to another world. For those eager for some activity, you can turn your yard into a private gym or DYI workshop if you are skilled and work relaxes you.

Evening Chill Zone

Sunset where red and yellow shades are scattered in space… This can be the setting for a romantic dinner for two on the terrace or the backdrop of a board game evening with friends. Give it a go and become a cocktail master, try recipes and drinks. And when you get tired, the bedroom is just a few steps away. On your own turf!

The best thing about a landscaped yard or terrace is the possibility of customization. Whether you are in your pajamas and drinking coffee, fully dressed for a romantic dinner or in a bathing suit, the decision of what to do is up to you, without having to plan ahead or go somewhere else.



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