Swim over all the rapids of daily life while unwanted toxins evaporate from your body. Welcome to your own spa!

In winter, the Finns like to enjoy sauna for a long time after which they throw themselves into cold snow or into an almost frozen lake. It is a great habit for getting rid of toxins, improving your immune system and maintaining good blood flow during the long winter days. Bel Village does not boast such extreme weather conditions, but that does not mean that we are not working to create good habits…

In the evening, to ensure a good night’s sleep

You’re coming back from a busy business trip. Your neck is so stiff you can hardly wait to take your shoes off, and you are getting a bit worried by that unpleasant winter feeling of irritation at the back of your throat. You park in your garage, but before you even unlock the front door at all, you use the last atoms of your power to compel your tired feet to take you to your beautiful garden where you turn on your own Finnish sauna. As you get changed from your business attire into comfortable slippers and a bathrobe, the sauna has already warmed and ready to dispel all the worries of this world. You are finally breathing with full lungs while toxins are burning up in the heat, and you are surrounded with a relaxing aroma of eucalyptus or your favorite citrus … Has it been 15 minutes already?

You exit the sauna and jump into the pool. You swim two to three lengths and you’re already so revitalized so that you can easily continue on working right then and there. But you continue to swim until each tight muscle of your body gets a workout. And once again, you go to the sauna, followed by more pool. OK, maybe just once more, third time’s the charm, right?

In the morning, for a better day

In the morning, you open the curtains and unfasten the wide glass wall of your ultra-modern living room. Hop and you are already in the pool! What a wonderful way to start the day. Wakened by the freshness of the pool water, you get warmed up in the sauna. In a great mood, you are ready for all the new challenges!

And then there is the weekend, finally. A sunny Sunday afternoon is perfect for a garden party with dear friends. You are drinking cold cocktails and hot drinks by the pool, relaxing and having long, lazy conversations in the sauna which is infused with the smell of mint while a small feast is being prepared on the barbecue… Yeah, you could get used to this. And why not?

This is your life, this is your Bel Village.



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