The concept of romance varies from one individual to another. Flowers, candles, breakfast in bed or simple good morning messages left on the fridge, all of those have a common goal and that is to cheer up the person you love.

Romantic evenings do not necessarily mean going out or a luxury travel. The same atmosphere can be created at home, and the Bel Village villas are the ideal scenery for such a scenario…

Hanging out in front of the fireplace

A relaxing scene of a burning fireplace with a soft sound of fire crackling makes a perfect base for a wonderful romantic evening. Two souls in love and a bottle of quality wine or champagne is the only thing you need for a warm atmosphere that will keep your bodies warm while the love will warm up your hearts. The evening can be complemented by tasting different cheeses or, better yet, the finest chocolate that will cheer up everyone’s taste buds.

Romance under the stars

The stars will take care of an unsurpassed romance, and with a soft blanket and food prepared with love, your rooftop terrace will become the setting for the most romantic night picnic. Cooing under the clear blue sky will turn into an unforgettable experience if you read love letters, look at your old photos or recount those happy memories that have left a significant mark on you.

Private pool party

Pool party may seem like an idea involving a lot of people, but it can be just as fun – and incomparably more romantic – if there’s just two people. For this occasion, you can try something new, such as role-playing or re-enacting your first encounter. A fancy dress or a suit will add a bit of glamour to the evening, and a swimsuit underneath your elegant clothing will reveal your adventurous spirit as well. And after taking a night swim, well we don’t have to tell you where the evening can take you…

Whichever you find most appealing, don’t forget about the most important ingredient, and that is love. Share it with your loved one and enjoy the most romantic day of the year!



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