The sun is peeking through your windows, you’re waking up slowly, it's time to start another beautiful day in the charming Mlinovi…

We all have our own little rituals that help us embark on a new day and new business successes more easily, and at Bel Village you will quickly discover your favourite places for practicing them. May your every morning be perfect and filled with the little things that mean the most!

A bit of good morning exercise

Can’t start your day without stretching and exercise? No worries, Bel Village is full of nooks ideal for everyday healthy rituals. Meditation on the roof terrace with a beautiful view or yoga practice in the landscaped green garden are just some of the options that you will surely instantly like.

Want a real awakening? The refreshing swimming pool awaits you in the courtyard of the villa, and it will quickly wake up your sleepy eyes. And if splashing in the pool fails due to rain or a cold morning, you can always head to your modern bathroom and reward yourself with your own little wellness treatment.

Those who prefer a bit harder workout can spend morning in their home gym equipped with everything necessary for tightening muscles and maintaining fitness. There is more than enough space in the villa for all your machines and gadgets anyway.

The breakfast shows the day

Without a doubt, breakfast is a favourite morning ritual for many of us, and at the Bel Village villa it becomes a special experience. The spacious bar will serve as an ideal place to make delicious sandwiches, mix healthy smoothies or prepare your favourite cereals. Gather your loved ones in the large luxury dining room and let the morning feast begin!

And no, we haven’t forgotten that one ritual without which many of us can’t even imagine starting the day: a relaxing cup of coffee or tea. Dining room, terrace, garden, and even a bed – choose a place that suits you best and enjoy your favourite drink while reading the latest morning news, planning the day ahead or simply enjoying the peace and quiet.

Find the right place for your favourite ritual and indulge in the morning idyll at Bel Village!



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