How do you envision summer in your garden? Do you already see yourself at pleasant and somewhat spontaneous parties by the pool, or would you rather stop the time while pampering yourself with relaxation? With a few additions to your garden, both options of spending your summer will be a worthy alternative to even the most luxurious holiday.

Patio daybed

If you are the type of person that truly knows how to rest, then lazing in the sun is surely one of your favourite ways to relax in summer. In doing so, we must be careful not to expose ourselves to the sun too much. To find the perfect balance between staying in the sun and in the shade, you can choose a truly bold piece of furniture for your garden – a daybed. In it, you can relax outdoors, with a book or a refreshing cocktail, while enjoying in the shade created by a textile roof and curtains that let in the breeze gently. In the evening, it will be difficult for you to leave this ambience, so don’t be surprised if you spend the night there a few times. Admit that you already see yourself in this realm of comfort surrounded by relaxing greenery!

Your own cocktail bar

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who likes to spend your holiday while having fun with friends, you must have thought about your own cocktail bar many times. In the shade of your garden, right next to the pool, set up a cocktail bar to your liking. This way you will always be ready for spontaneous gatherings, but also for parties by the pool or in the garden planned to detail. You can also add a multi-purpose barbecue to try some new and exotic combinations of flavours that you will serve with refreshing drinks. Of course, you can always use it even when you are alone. The garden is yours, make the most of it on any occasion and at any time.

Relax and enjoy, you deserve it!



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