Decorating a new home or redecorating an existing one is a true challenge, even for experienced professionals, because there are many styles, as well as wishes of owners. For a long time now, minimalism has been one of the most desirable decorating concepts, so here’s an opportunity for you to find out how to make your home a minimalist oasis.

The basic premise of this concept is – less is more! This guiding principle is the backbone when choosing colors, furniture, materials, textures, designs… The easiest way is to start from a clean and empty room, but if you are redecorating and do not have that luxury, then cleaning should be your first step. Minimalism seeks to create the impression of visual and functional continuity and flow. In practice, this means removing all objects, decorations, and furniture that create a feeling of overcrowding.

Colors and / or Lack Thereof

A home is an oasis for relaxing and unwinding. Unnecessary decorations and materials with aggressive prints can disrupt this. So, as part of the minimalist style, choose a monochrome look or play with neutral colors that give the impression of purity and airiness. Still, the main color (which it isn’t) is white and all its variations.

Maximum Lighting

When decorating a home in a minimalist style it is very important to carefully choose lighting that must emphasize the openness and airiness of the room. When designing, make sure that there is as much natural light as possible so that the room can “breathe”, and in the evening, adjust the lighting. For that, LED lights are a suitable choice.

Minimal Decorations

Spaces in which we spend a lot of time, such as the living room, are the most difficult to decorate, so start off with the rooms where the “lack” of decorations will not present a huge problem, such as the bedroom or bathroom. In order for your home not to lose its “soul” or its own mark, decorate it thoughtfully with flowers, photos on the wall, sculptures… Do not exceed the limit of 20% of the wall when decorating to still maintain minimalism.

Simplicity, openness, linearity, airiness – this is what makes a minimalist home.



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