Summertime and the livin 'is easy, goes the chorus of the evergreen that best describes the summer delight you can afford yourself in your Bel Village Villa...

Wake uuuuup!

You do not worry, you do not even snooze the alarm on your mobile phone because you can hardly wait to swim in your beautiful pool. While absorbing the vitamin D under the rays of the first morning sun, you are squeezing the oranges on your biiiig garden terrace, rested and fresh, you are starting a new summer day. While the sun is still not ruthlessly high in the sky, you are seizing the moment and climbing to the roof terrace. It is time for morning yoga, and after sun salutation you just have to choose the activity that will fulfil your day. Should you maybe look for shade on a mountain? Medvednica is right there, almost on the palm of your hand. Hike, bike, run… or work out in the gym in your own villa, because in search for an active life, you do not have to leave the comfort of your beautiful home anymore… or simply continue to relax under the parasol next to your pool. After all, you do not owe anyone any explanations on how and why you spend your free time.


It’s lunchtime. Perhaps you would like to invite friends for a barbecue in your spacious garden that simply bursts with colours of blossomed flowers in the summer. You may be tempted to prepare a very complicated meal because in your real chef’s kitchen you can finally allow that. Or maybe you want to be served today and, for a change, be pampered? No problem, there is a variety of top restaurants for all tastes close to your villa!


After the afternoon rest in perfectly cooled and perfectly spacious bedroom, it is time to think about how you want to spend the evening. Romantic dinner for two on the roof terrace? Unforgettable party in the garden? Lounging around watching TV or enjoying music coming from a perfectly tuned sound system? Perhaps a bit more swimming under the moonlight and stars? Just choose, because in your villa in Mlinovi each new evening is your chance to you dream your own summer night dream.


It's summer and life is easy. And more pleasant than you’ve ever dared to imagine!



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