Colder autumn days are perfect for lounging and relaxing in a warm home. In making this impression complete, sitting furniture in the living room plays a big role. Comfort before beauty, i.e., functionality before aesthetics, is one of the secrets. If you keep reading, a few more are waiting for you...

Planning is Half the Battle

Going shopping for a sofa can be a stressful and demanding job if you don’t make a plan. What does this mean? Before buying, it is crucial to determine the space and location where you will place the sofa, then measure the dimensions that suit you, because an oversized sofa will not make anyone smile. Most of the sofas are modular in shape, so you can arrange them yourself. It is good to know in advance which shapes suit you so that you don’t waste time during shopping.

Two in One Function

Why take up space with a regular sofa if you have the option of an extra bed? When you have guests over or simply want to lie in front of the TV, the option of pulling out a sofa seems like a winning combination. This is especially suitable for small spaces, like studios, which can’t hold a lot of furniture.

How to Choose a Color

Although cheerful and bright colors naturally catch our eye, think carefully about whether you want to look at that color every day for a longer period of time. The vast majority of people buy sofas with the intention of using them for several years. That is why they opt for neutral tones, mostly gray or brown. Although white is the queen of elegance, it is high-maintenance, just like other lighter colors. If you have animals and children, darker tones are a better choice. When choosing a color, don’t be guided by trends that fade quickly, but pick according to your own preferences.


And last, but not least—sofa maintenance. No one wants a sofa just to look at, right? That is why it is important to investigate, when choosing a sofa, how difficult it is to maintain it. It is good to know in advance that, although they are the most expensive, silk, linen, and cotton are also the most easily damaged types of fabrics. On the other side, blends of natural and artificial materials, such as wool or cotton reinforced with synthetic fiber, are easier to maintain.

Only a dose of happiness, good will and time set aside separate you from your new sofa. If you make a mistake with colors or fabrics, recycle—don’t throw them away. A newly upholstered sofa will take on a whole new look.



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