Admit it, if you were to make a list of favourite places in your home, the kitchen would be quite close to the top. In the kitchen, many of us start our day. Enticing aromas come from it and it is a place of joy representing a factory of little and big gastronomic pleasures. However, today the kitchen has also become a place where high-tech technology resides.

For a long time, kitchens have been full of tools for preparing and storing food, but the modern age has brought some nice little things that made everything faster and easier. How about a smart fridge with a built-in touch screen that lets you plan meals, surf the internet and order groceries? What was once a futuristic technology is a reality now!

A new dimension of the kitchen

Dishwashers, multifunctional mixers, coffee machines, various cookers and measuring scales are just some of the everyday household appliances that have received a digital component, became interactive and brought a new dimension to our kitchens.

Today, we live in a world where the stove can send you a notification on your mobile phone saying it has stayed turned on, and homes are equipped with smart technologies that allow you to control household appliances remotely with just a few clicks. Of course, the Bel Village villas are also equipped on a smart home basis to provide you with maximum luxury while keeping up with modern times.

Cookbooks on the screen

With the new trends, some of our kitchen habits have also changed. Our grandmothers and mothers used to collect cookbooks and write recipes in their notebooks, while millennials today often cook by using smartphones or tablets, whose screens can instantly become a window into the world of inexhaustible culinary inspiration. The kitchen of the future has become the kitchen of the present – and we have to admit that we really like it.

Cook with the help of smart technology and enjoy the charms of cooking in a modern way. Click, click and bon appétit!



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