Spring has already arrived without even consulting the calendar first, nature has awakened from its winter dream and it’s just the right time to bring a fresh spring air to our homes and make small, but significant, changes that have been on your mind for some time now. Let's clear our minds, roll up our sleeves, and head for a spring home makeover!

When refreshing the living space, it’s necessary to decide if we’re decorating the entire space or just one or several selected rooms. Refreshing the look of a room can be done without too much effort if we focus on the right details.


Just like women tend to change their hairstyle when they want a certain change, the beginning of a home interior change begins with painting the walls. Darker or lighter shades, colour combinations, maybe even wallpaper, one wall or all of the walls: these are all important decisions one has to make in the beginning. Walls, along with wall decorations such as interesting paintings, framed photographs, or gorgeous mirrors, can play a big role in determining both style and direction of the decoration.

Playing with patterns

When decorating your home, you absolutely have to think about curtains and carpet that will follow the direction of decorating and fit into the new style. When choosing a new carpet or drapery, you can boldly play, besides with colours, with interesting patterns, and you can also complement everything with decorative pillows that are always welcome.

Nature from within

Nothing welcomes spring with such enthusiasm as flowers and plants. Choosing plants for home depends on whether you are a fan of colourful or simple greenery. Magnificent palm trees, perfectly shaped bonsai trees or delicate orchids with enchanting colours will make an impact in any room.

The secret is in the details

Vases, bowls and table or floor lamps. So simple, yet so effective. It’s precisely these small details that give the final touch to any home decor. Indulge your imagination and enrich your interior with little things that will make a stand and show exactly who lives there.

Lastly, remember that the spring home makeover is a dynamic, creative activity that should always be fun. Get into action and enjoy every moment of it!



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