Pantone has already chosen grey and yellow, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating to be more precise, as colours that will mark the year 2021, and for all impatient creative people we did a little research on other styles, colours and details considered to become popular in the new year.

Returning to nature

For some time now, sustainability and natural materials have been emphasised, so this trend will continue in 2021 as well. Plastic is becoming increasingly unacceptable, while natural materials like rattan, bamboo and cork are becoming increasingly popular. Light wood varieties will be used not only for furniture but also for wall cladding, which is why it is not surprising that dark green is among the most popular colours for the next year also.

Ornaments and curved lines

Given the time spent at home, a lot of people have dedicated themselves to interiors and making interesting decorations and details for their home. Such items often do not have a major functional purpose, but are used primarily for decoration or lifting the mood. A decorative trend that has become popular on social media is called “tchotchke” and it is a kind of replacement for previously purified spaces and minimalism. Sharp, cool lines and simplicity will be replaced by curved lines with an emphasis on comfort. The sixties will become the inspiration for such furniture, especially sofas and armchairs upholstered in fabric instead of plush.


Wallpapers for walls have gone from worship to hatred and, as it seems, back to worship. 2021 is announced as a year in which the interiors show courage and boldness in a tasteful way. This includes playing with bright colours like red and yellow and a variety of patterns like plant and animal or imitations of various materials. Today, wallpapers are like works of art, and your home becomes a gallery in which the walls hardly go unnoticed.

How will you decorate your home next year?



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