Spring has arrived, it's time for barbecue, and a green garden at one of the Bel Village villas is an ideal place to prepare grilled delicacies.

Sunny and warm weather is a good opportunity for having a barbecue with your chosen friends to celebrate a special moment with a delicious snack. But before embarking on an adventure called barbecue, you’ve got some preparation and planning to do!

Good preparation is half the taste

First of all, the grill must be clean. Remove any traces of dirt left from before. Cleanliness is important for your health, but also for the taste of food. Remove fat from meat and marinate it for about an hour.

Play around with combinations of spices, keeping in mind that salt is the basis of everything, while olive oil will serve as the perfect coating for meat. Pepper, garlic, red or chili pepper should definitely be at hand, and rosemary will give your dish a special Mediterranean note.

Serve with style!

Keep the grill fire strong enough, but also make sure that the meat doesn’t burn. Let your culinary offer vary, so don’t hesitate to put different vegetables on the grill, in addition to steaks, fillets or burgers. Be creative as well and add some colourful skewers.

Prepare several types of buns to choose from (from whole wheat to those cute buns for mini-burgers), but also a few different sauces. Ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard are a must, but your friends will surely be delighted if you offer them a delicious honey and mustard sauce that goes so perfectly with, for example, chicken. Of course, good food goes hand in hand with good drink, and rosé and lighter red wines will pair perfectly with most types of meat.

In addition to good food and drink, a pleasant ambience is also very important. Barbecue is an event that involves informality and relaxation, but don’t be too relaxed so that you forget to provide guests with enough chairs and seating areas. Decorate your garden with lanterns or colourful lamps, which will certainly raise the atmosphere even more, put the speakers on the lawn and put on some pleasant music to create a nice background for conversation and mingling. Let the socializing last until late at night!

Have a happy barbecue at Bel Village!



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