After the warm summer days and with the arrival of autumn, it is time to adapt to the new conditions and replace outdoor activities with home entertainment.

Enrich your rainy days with some interesting and new activities that you won’t be bored with, and you can include all members of your household. Here are some suggestions!

Organize Drawers

We all have a few drawers in the house that serve for countless little things that we won’t need but seem essential. Over time, these drawers fill up to the point that it no longer even makes sense to open them. Take some time and sort everything. Throw away anything you have never used nor will you use. To avoid cluttering them again, use drawer organizers.

Learn a New Skill

As everything always comes back into fashion, some of the old skills of our grandparents are now popular again. Autumn is the perfect time to lie under a warm blanket, but the pleasure is even greater if you knit it yourself. From one blanket to a new hobby. Why not? All it takes is wool, knitting needles, good will—and maybe some good tutorial on the Internet.

Family Portrait

When it’s raining and the children cannot play outside, we need to make up some fun activities to occupy their time. When the usual games get boring, use a trick and organize a “family portrait creation game”. You will finally get the perfect photo of the whole family and the kids will have fun. Play with clothing combinations, photo poses, and enjoy moments spent with your loved ones.

Redesign the Space

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to redecorate your space, just tense your muscles and play around with the existing furniture in the house. Get the meter into your hands before you start moving the furniture because there is nothing worse than oversized pieces of furniture in a cramped space.

At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with spending rainy time on vacation and without any plans because we all need time to dedicate to ourselves. Bel Village villa is full of beautiful nooks where you can do just that!



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