Every trip comes with souvenirs that often end up in dark drawers or collect dust on the shelves. To break that array of stashing things, turn them into beautiful and functional decorations for your home.

Decorative Tiles

Instead of the ubiquitous magnets that can only be put on the fridge in the kitchen, the next time you travel, rather buy small decorative tiles that can later serve as coasters. Besides being practical in your everyday life, they can also be a great topic of conversation when guests visit. TIP—choose the handmade ones with special motifs of the places you visit. But if you can’t find them, make them yourself; choose your favorite trip photo representing that country and apply it to the tile as a sticker.

Beach Stones and Shells

We all once collected trinkets from the beaches and then carried them home. Instead of just putting them on the shelf, make decorations out of them. Glue them to the picture frame, arrange them in a deep vase with a candle in the middle and you will have the centerpiece for your table. Arrange them into a mosaic on a wooden base, pour the resin mass over everything, and you will have a nice decoration or serving tray.

Souvenir Corner

If it’s important to you that the souvenirs remain original and intact, there is a solution for that as well. Create a corner for all your memories, but design it to fit into your home. It is important that it doesn’t deviate too much from the initial design and that it doesn’t give the impression of clutter and carelessly placed items. TIP—rotate and arrange souvenirs depending on the season and mood. In this way, you will avoid overcrowding, but again, every souvenir will be on display at some point.


The perfect place for souvenirs. Put all the wine corks from your trip or your favorite wines from the visited places into a large vase. Take a marker and write the date on the cork, so you will always remember when you tasted that particular delicious wine. If you like to cook, spices are your ideal souvenir. In addition to being functional, they will look nice if arranged in spice jars. Besides the internet, gastronomy is the easiest way to get to know other cultures.



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