A sporting activity can be a part of one's everyday life, but also a way of occasionally escaping worries and stress.

Whatever the reason for exercising, a workout space can play an important role in one’s life, and every sports fan has wished at least once to have his or her own home gym or workout studio. Realizing that there is no need to think about the best time for going to a commercial gym, avoiding crowds or wasting time on travelling, and that a home gym can be set up as one likes, makes a lot of people very happy.

Before you start creating your own workout oasis, it is necessary to determine where it will fit best and define who will use it and for what kind of training. If you are a fan of strength and weight training, cardio training, or if you cannot imagine a day without yoga or Pilates, all of that will affect your choice of exercise machines and equipment. In order to make the space look neat and planned, it is good to divide it, if possible, into “sections” according to the type of training.

When arranging exercise machines, think about making their usage more enjoyable and interesting. For example, by placing a treadmill, bike or Orbitrack near the window, you can enjoy the view while you exercise. For yoga and Pilates exercises or weight lifting, it is advisable to have mirrors in the background, so you can make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.

In case you want to spice things up and be a little more creative and bold, consider turning one wall into an artificial rock climbing wall, placing a smaller ring in the middle or even placing a pole in the workout room. The details that will enrich your workout oasis can be a dressing room where you can keep your workout clothes, extra towels and the like, while sauna and jacuzzi will be the perfect reward and that extra boost for your good workout.

Lastly, when decorating your home gym, feel free to think about the details as you would for any other room. Do not downplay the importance of wall colour, modern lighting and music, or omit details such as plants and other decorations.

Make sure the time you spend at your home gym is as pleasant as possible.



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