Winter days in Mlinovi are beautiful and magical, and even more beautiful when spent next to a calming fireplace.

Fireplaces, who wouldn’t love them? Once upon a time, they were the main source of home heating, and today they complement and embellish many modern interiors, while creating a perfect setting for relaxing and gathering on cold winter days. Of course, at Bel Village you can also enjoy the warm atmosphere of tradition!

Place for a warm fairy tale

In the spacious living room of the Bel Jour Villa, you can expect its majesty – the impressive black fireplace almost as tall as the wall, perfectly fitted into the space surrounding it. Undoubtedly, as soon as you see it, you will immediately feel the urge to light a fire and enjoy the irresistible crackling fire sounds.

But don’t keep the warm fairy tale just for yourself! Gather your loved ones, draw the armchairs nearer or take out the blankets (better yet!) and turn the space in front of the fireplace into a place for socializing and enjoying conversations. Do you have a board game like chess or Monopoly on hand? Great, the atmosphere will only get livelier!

Party is by the fireplace

Whether you feel like sipping on some quality wine or warm cinnamon tea, nibbling some delicious cookies or tea sandwiches – that is up to you (and your guests). For a full experience, make sure you have a cosy music background, and forget about your TV or laptop. The only screen you need is the fireplace glass showing you an almost hypnotic play of the flames.

Of course, this kind of scenario is especially suitable for merry Christmas holidays, especially when gifts are opened, but also for a quiet New Year’s Eve in the circle of close people. After all, why party in a cold city at all and wade through the crowds all night long, when you can stretch out carelessly in front of a modern home fireplace?

And in those moments when you are alone in the quiet of your luxury home, your fireplace will be your best friend, together with a good book, an interesting magazine, or a headset playing your favourite playlist. The best ways of relaxing are the simplest ones anyway.

Long live the fireplace!



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