Each year, the time to decorate homes comes earlier. We used to decorate our homes on Christmas Eve, while these days, you can see fully decorated shops, squares, and houses already in early December. To stand out in that crowd, use the following decorating ideas!

Red Bow

The trends are clear, oversized bows are absolute must-haves and, if you want a modernly decorated home for the holidays, be sure to consider this idea. Besides being able to place them on your Christmas tree, which is a classic decorating trick, we suggest you think outside the box this holiday season and frame your front door with a big red bow and ribbons, just like decorating a gift box. This will further emphasize your facade and shift the focus to the entrance area.

Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

If you want to surprise all your guests this year, instead of using the classic green tree, decorate your home with the popular pampas grass Christmas tree. It requires buying a Styrofoam cone that will serve as a base in which you will insert the pampas stalks. It is important that there are no empty spaces so that the Styrofoam remains invisible. Arrange the pampas grass so that it looks like a tree, and if you want special effects for a finishing touch, add lamps. Avoid colorful balls as they will remove the focus from the tree and will no longer look so elegant and refined.

Christmas Lights Curtain

All you need for this decoration are one-color curtain lights. Depending on your preferences, choose lamp positions and dimensions that will suit your curtains or drapes. If you have dark curtains through which light passes poorly, place them in front of the curtains themselves, while for the light-transmitting curtains you should install the lights behind them for achieving a true effect. Of course, the effect of this sparkling atmosphere is best visible in the evening.

Whichever decoration you choose, make sure it suits your home and the overall design. If your home is modernly decorated, like a Bel Village villa, these ideas will suit it perfectly. If you have a more traditionally decorated home, classics are always a safe choice.



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