If you feel like the classics make a somewhat boring choice, remember that there are various ways for making a room look better with creative wall decorations. With these simple DIY projects, turn your walls into an art gallery.

Wall Collage

Nothing new for most people—if you look back on your school days, chances are you made collages. This time you can make a slightly more elegant version. The choice of photos is up to you, from family memories to abstract motifs. It is important to take into account the size of the room and its prevailing style. If the room you are decorating is small, avoid large collages that will give the impression of overcrowding. Also, for a modern room design, choose black and white combinations that will complement the wall without dominating it. Larger spaces allow for larger formats, so play around with the dimensions of frames and photos. Preparation is an important step of this type of project, so be sure to arrange everything on the floor first and, using a pencil, mark where the frames will be placed on your wall, because you don’t want visible holes from excessive nailing.

Frame Various Objects

If you want to add a bit of liveliness to a space and create a 3D effect, forget about framed pictures. Frame the wallpaper with a vintage frame or frame your child’s wall drawings made by the artist’s small hands with a felt-tip pen. If you have a prominent wall in the house, one of a different color from the other walls in the room, accentuate it further by playing with blank frames, which in that case serve as an art installation on the wall. In addition to pictures, you can frame sand or shells from the holidays in thick frames that have empty space, pour epoxy resin and, for example, make sea waves and foam if the sea is your inspiration for home decoration. For those who like nature and a fresh look, making a frame with moss is an excellent idea.

Children’s Bedroom

So as not to neglect the youngest ones, we suggest an idea that will delight them. You will need lights, decorative clips and photos of their favorite moments. Make a grid out of lights as desired and attach the photos with clips or hang the photos on a metal grid above your child’s desk instead.

Embark on a creative adventure in your own home!



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