Spring lures us into nature, and our own piece of paradise on Earth, the garden, is an ideal solution for all the lucky ones who have green spaces on their property. With just a few design solutions, decorate your garden to your liking.


Lighting is very important for any living space. In Bel Village villas, large windows play a significant role in letting in light, but also allow owners to visually enjoy the beauties of their own gardens. To enhance the look of a neatly mowed garden, you can play with hanging lights, which will create a warm ambience and a romantic oasis. You can also add fragrant wax torches that will provide even more light, but also affect unwanted insects. For those who prefer more subtle changes in the garden, candles make the perfect detail. Illuminate a part of the garden path or the edge of the pool.


The lush English gardens are a source of inspiration, but also a model of precision and excellence. For larger green spaces, they can serve as a great solution. For those still looking for their secluded spaces, labyrinths made of hedges or plants can come to the rescue. Equip the center of the labyrinth with a bench or a water fountain and enjoy nature, but also the art of garden creation.

Floral symphony

Sometimes the most beautiful interior design comes with flowers from the exterior, i.e., the garden. It revives rooms but also connects the two spaces, the exterior and the interior. It is not advisable to plant flowers without a plan; take into account the amount of light, soil looseness, and other conditions necessary for plant growth. Always keep large flowers near the edges so as not to disturb the view and fluidity of the garden, and plant lower flowers inwards. You can also make a part of your garden more beautiful by adding a bed of herbs. In addition to the visual effect, the intoxicating smell and taste they will add to your dishes are additional bonuses.

Adapt the landscaping to your lifestyle and you won’t regret it, because nature always rewards us.



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