Lovers of the Christmas atmosphere have been waiting for this part of the year. With the arrival of December, many people take their carefully selected Christmas decorations out of the boxes and place them in the appropriate corners of their homes.

For all those who want to bring a holiday atmosphere to their home, but maintain a tastefully decorated interior, we share a few important tips and ideas.

When decorating your home during the holidays, you should take into account the existing design, style and colours that predominate and to combine holiday decorations accordingly. They say that you can never have too many decorations, but is that really true? Because of the desire to create the strongest possible holiday atmosphere, it is easy to overdo the decorations, so instead of a warm, harmonious and attractive holiday interior, you often end up overcrowding and creating kitsch.

Besides the amount and style of decorations, be careful with Christmas lights as well, no matter how much you adore them. Instead of stretching out several metres of colourful lights all over your home, freestanding lights such as paper lantern, stars, shaped window decorations and the like can be more pleasant and equally effective.

In every home, there are elements that are indispensable for creating a holiday magic. That can be a certain decoration on the front door, an Advent wreath on the kitchen table, Christmas socks above the fireplace, a Christmas tree, something else or all of the above. When placing decorations, it is good to have a plan and layout, and it is easiest to start from the beginning, more precisely from the front door.

The room where you spent most of the time may contain a bit more decoration and it will probably be necessary to pay more attention to it, but this does not mean that other rooms should be neglected. Christmas figures placed on hallway dressers, bedding in the bedroom or towels with Christmas details in the bathroom will make the holiday spirit present throughout your home.

Lastly, don’t forget that the holiday atmosphere is not made up of eye-catching exclusively, but also the details that excite your other senses.

The smell of cinnamon and cakes coming from the kitchen and the cosy merry Christmas music in the background blend perfectly with Christmas sweaters or pyjamas while everybody is anxiously awaiting to open presents.



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