Luxury design of a functional and an attractive living space is an exciting and fun game in which some of us engage enthusiastically, while others can find it rather challenging.

Each year brings dominant interior design trends and here are some that could make 2020 unforgettable.

Coexistence with nature

The start of the new decade puts on the throne a certain trend that has slowly but surely integrated itself into the world of interior design. A busy lifestyle and lack of free time have developed a desire and need for peace and relaxation, and nature is a symbol of a safe haven. Biophilic design as a blend of interior and exterior, brings nature into our homes. Live plants, garden views and natural materials such as wood and stone can perfectly fit into any interior while contributing to both health and productivity

Colour of the year

Pantone has traditionally chosen the colour of the year and, to the delight of many, in 2020 it is blue’s turn. Due to its soothing properties, blue is often used in office spaces, making it ideal for a home office. Of course, there is no need to stop there: blue bedroom walls, combined with furniture and decorative details in pearly white or golden hues, take us into the magnificent world of the most beautiful dreams in an instant.

Softness of the velvet

One of the materials that will surely reach its popularity peak in luxury interior design is velvet. A velvet sofa in a living room exudes luxury already at first glance and it imposes itself as the main piece of furniture, and even chairs in a dining room cannot go unnoticed. Once you sink into velvet softness, you cannot separate yourself from it without struggling.

Choosing a style, a colour or a material is quite individual, but the most beautiful interiors are exactly those whose details bear the signature of their owner.

Precisely these small details, perhaps of little importance to some, transform a living space into a home.



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