The old proverb says that figures don't lie, and when it comes to Bel Village, figures are quite impressive.

Read some interesting facts and information about our villas that will bring you at least a tiny bit of all the luxury and comfort that await you in the oasis of Mlinovi!


Professionally decorated kitchen, outdoor pool, spa & lounge area, comfortable bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, built-in elevator… Bel Jour Villa has everything you need for a harmonious family life in a luxurious environment – and a bit more.

Total surface: 743 m2

Living space: 399 m2

* Surface of the pool: 18 m2

* Bathrooms: 4

* Bedrooms: 3

* Roof terraces: 2



If you are looking for maximum comfort and privacy, Bel Paire will be your first choice. This villa consists of two apartments with a symmetrical floor plan, and it is perfect for family and friends gatherings, but also for relaxing in your own little world, in perfect peace and quiet. In short, a harmonious home for a harmonious life!

* Total surface: 331 m2

* Living space: 198,5 m2

* Living and dining room area: 25,56 m2

* Roof terrace area: 18,40 m2

* Floors: 3

* Bathrooms: 2

* Bedrooms: 3



Do you consider yourself a true hedonist? Bel Ami Villa is designed precisely for you! Indoor pool, sauna, lounge area, bar and spacious living room are just a fraction of the luxury that will give you a complete residence satisfaction.

* Total surface: 701 m2

* Living space: 399 m2

* Surface of the swimming pool area: 52,60 m2

* Roof terrace area: 43,26 m2

* Sauna area: 3,13 m2

* Bathrooms and toilets: 3

Have you already chosen a luxury home tailored to you? Come to Bel Village and have a look at our villas in person, you will be pleasantly surprised!



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