Summer joys are slowly slipping away, so let’s make use of the remaining warm days for backyard parties, and we all know that the best garden parties include delicious food. There is no need for ordering out when, with these tricks, you can become a grill master chef yourself.

Preparation of Embers

Choose charcoal, briquettes or wood grills (beech or hornbeam). Make sure you have enough resources and that the wood is dry to burn better. Arrange the charcoal in the middle of the grill and light the fire with the help of smaller twigs. Leave to slowly burn for 20 to 30 minutes, then spread the embers all over the grill. Making good embers is a key step in achieving a perfectly roasted piece of meat or vegetable, so don’t rush that process. The wood always goes on top of the embers, never underneath them, or it will not be able to burn completely. If you have a larger yard or garden like Bel Village villas, you are really lucky because grilling will not be a problem.

Marinade – the Secret Ingredient

Without a good marinade, there is no real barbecue. So, it is ideal to think ahead, to make sure you know what kind of meat the guests eat, and determine the menu accordingly. If there are some vegetarians, first grill the vegetables on the plate, and only then the rest of the meat. The pork needs to be marinated for 2 to 4 hours, the beef and lamb between 4 and 6 hours, and the chicken for the least amount of time, only for an hour. If you leave the meat in the fridge to marinate overnight, you won’t go wrong—you will only intensify the flavors. The second rule is that the meat must be taken out earlier to adjust to the room temperature because cold meat that goes directly to the hot grill is cooked longer and unevenly. Unlike meat, vegetables are best seasoned only after you have cooked them.


After the preparatory steps, the best part follows – grilling. Oil the grates or coat them with bacon and only then can you put the food on them to prevent sticking. For sensitive foods like fish, you can also put aluminum foil in between to keep the fish in one piece. Using a cooking brush or rosemary branch, you should keep applying oil or marinade to keep the meat juicy. Cook until the meat is done and the marinade caramelizes for a distinctive barbecue look.

With these tips, all you have left to do is grocery shopping and good company to enjoy. Enjoy your meal!



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