Autumn is coming and the new season brings some new guidelines for decorating your home.

This period is characterized by warm tones of earthy colors that will give your home warmth and create an autumn feel. From significant changes to just small details, learn how to bring a touch of autumn into your home.


Even if you don’t spend that much time in the kitchen, autumn is perfect for trying out new recipes, especially for gloomy and rainy autumn days. To turn that part of the house into an autumn idyll, use tricks. Display wooden cutting boards on work surfaces, choose those kitchen towels that match the autumn color palette—orange, yellow, brown, cream… If you have copper cookware, now is the right time to display it on your kitchen counter. For the final step, use space decorations, they will totally change the ambiance. Bronze or gold details, pinecones, dry leaves will create an atmosphere of warmth and autumn feel.

Living Room

The room we stay in most of the time deserves the best treatment. If you are daring, pour the colors of autumn on the walls of your living room. Be careful with this if you have small square footage because darker colors of warm undertones often visually reduce the space. The best solution is adding lighter tones on the walls, such as neutral beige, and playing with fabrics and decorations in more aggressive colors (red, orange, yellow). If you are not prone to such a drastic change, it will suffice to bring in new fabrics such as blankets, pillows, and curtains that will suit the autumn season. Likewise, replacing the coffee table can mean a lot; we prefer natural wood materials that remind us of autumn trunks.


In this room, it is easiest to bring in autumn through ambient lighting and change of bedding and bedspreads. Tip—you don’t have to change the lamps, you can just put light bulbs whose color reflects the heat, such as yellow, and not LED lighting that is cold and more suitable for winter. Lighting is a crucial aspect of any design as it can completely transform a space. The architects and designers of the Bel Village villas were aware of that when they carefully selected lighting fixtures. Besides, scented candles always make a beautiful decoration, and if you choose scents reminiscent of autumn fruits, you have ensured a real autumn experience.



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