Bathrooms are important in every house and so many of our daily rituals take place there, from waking up in the morning to getting ready for bed in the evening. Very often bathrooms represent our own oasis of peace in which we manage to steal a few moments just for ourselves, for example by taking a relaxing bath or enjoying nourishing treatments. In these special moments, we want everything to be perfect, from the look of the bathroom, the temperature and, of course, the indispensable and important pleasant scent.

It has already been proven that the aromatherapy has a positive effect on the human body. Various treatments that use combinations of natural scents affect our mental state, lift our mood, have a calming effect or are used to reduce physical pain such as headaches.

The choice of scent for bathrooms depends mainly on the individual taste or current mood. Not all scents suit everybody in the same way, and they do not have the same effect either, but they can still be divided into groups with a similar effect on most people.

Scents of nature

For example, citrus scents are excellent energy boosters, which can be of the greatest importance in the morning when you are trying to wake up or when you walk into the bathroom tired after work. Floral and sweet scents will feed romantic and playful souls who will be able to indulge in their fantasies during a relaxing bath. Herbal scents such as lavender, chamomile or mint provide a last-ditch attempt to escape stress, worry and anxiety, and will also ensure a peaceful sleep and the most beautiful dreams.

Sweet smell of travel

Travel addicts often remember countries or areas they visited precisely by the smells that prevailed there. Even if you have not travelled to a certain country, you will sometimes recognize specific smells from stores selling original products. Filling your bathroom with scents with notes of amber, turmeric and cinnamon will make you easily get ready for work while imagining you were in Morocco.

Smell of memories

Just like we often associate smells with a certain memory or people, holidays and different periods of the year have their own smells that take even the most resistant ones among us to another time. After a few seconds in a room filled with scents of cinnamon and apples, it is almost impossible not to think about Christmas, winter, snow and cakes or hot tea. Scents in combination with coconut, on the other hand, switch our thoughts to summertime, beach and summer adventures in the blink of an eye.

With the right choice of scents and a few more details, there will be plenty of reasons for spending more time in your bathroom and enjoying. Feel free to play around until you find your favourite scent that will pamper you to the maximum.



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