Owners of indoor green oases certainly already know that maintaining houseplants throughout the year is not an easy task.

Shorter days during the winter, low temperatures, but also heating which creates dry air, can easily harm our plant pets if they are not properly taken care for. For all plants, regardless of the season, the most important elements are air, light and water, or watering. More sensitive plant species require a little more attention and preparation for winter, but for all those who have less time at their disposal, there are more resistant and equally beautiful species for this green decor.

Interesting mini gardens

Succulents have been especially popular these last few years thanks to their interesting appearance. They come in different sizes and a rich palette of colours, which is why they are often used for creating wonderful mini gardens. They can be combined with other plants, and by choosing the right pot and garden design, they become much more than a green decoration. Their advantage is that they do not need to be watered often in winter because they have a protective layer of wax on the surface of the stem and leaves that helps them retain moisture. They are very adaptable to indoor spaces after the summer, and there is no need to worry about their winter survival.

Moss terrarium

Miniature versions of greenhouses, or glass terrarium, will capture the attention of your every guest and fit perfectly into all styles of interior design. The ideal plants for a glass terrarium are moss and ferns, and inside the greenhouse they will be protected from cold draft, so you can place them closer to the front door or windows. Also, the plants inside the terrarium retain moisture and are protected from both hot and cold air.

African violets

If you want to create a warmer atmosphere and use plants to add colour to your home, African violets will do the trick. They bloom several times a year, and with their beautiful flowers in white, pink and purple tones that leave us breathless, they deserve the role of one of the most popular houseplants. They are easy to maintain. They need to be placed in an area where they will have a sufficient amount of natural light without exposure to direct sunlight, and one should water them when the soil is completely dry.

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