When summer knocks on our door, let’s welcome it with open arms. In order to bring in the summer euphoria to our homes, we have prepared several tips and projects for the whole family.

Resin Art

A huge trend in the world right now is art created with epoxy resin, especially when making wooden tabletops. By combining a natural material, wood, and the blue epoxy resin, one can very easily create a sea experience. Those who are more skilled can also create waves or sea-foam by adding some white color. Apart from tables, epoxy resin can also be used for making coasters or wall clocks.

Smells Like Summer

We associate summer with certain scents, so bring summer into your home in this way, as well. Incense sticks, candles and room fresheners will enrich your home in a very simple, yet effective way. You can play a little, by filling each room with one scent that reminds you of summer – pine needles, coconut, sea salt, lavender…

Cocktail Bar

If you like to enjoy refreshing cocktails in the summer, the ideal way to make summer a part of your home is to create your own cocktail bar. All you need to do is arrange the drinks on trays or place them on the shelves, buy a set of suitable glasses and fresh fruit for decoration.


The summer spirit lives in shells, cork, ropes, navy stripes and nets. Use all of the above for decorating your home. It’s even better if some of the things, like shells, have sentimental value, because that will further emphasize the beauty of the decoration.

Enrich Your Home with Plants

Finally, summer means multiple colors and green plants. Choose some of the typical plants (agave, succulents, cactus) for hot summer temperatures and decorate your rooms. It’s up to you to choose how green and richly decorated you want it to be.

Enjoy the summer, even within your four walls!



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