With its warm sunrays, but also its refreshing evening breezes, the summer has already invited us to enjoy some fresh air. Carefully decorated balconies and terraces create a special pleasure when drinking your first morning coffee, exercising outdoors or having fun with your friends.

You can design your balcony in accordance with the interior or as a stand-alone story. In any case, in order for your balcony oasis to completely fulfil its purpose, it is necessary to pay attention to several important details when decorating.


Depending on their size, it is desirable to divide balconies into zones. Large balconies can be designed as a variety of units, so they can consist of a space for relaxation, an outdoor dining room or a space for exercising and enjoying your favourite hobbies. Depending on the purpose you intended it for, you can start searching for the right furniture. In any case, even on a smaller balcony, there will always be enough space for a deck chair, a swing or a sitting set. You will spend most of your time here relaxing and enjoying carelessly after all.


During the day, there will be plenty of natural light on the balconies, but in the evening the glow of the moon and stars may not always suffice. To get around this, install lighting whose intensity can be adjusted or opt for several types of lighting fixtures. For example, light bulbs can come in handy if you need stronger lighting, and decorative lamps are great for achieving a cosy and dim atmosphere. You can also be bold and place a luxurious chandelier on your balcony.


Plants on balconies can vary in type, size and colour, but make sure you choose the ones that can survive different weather conditions, whether we’re talking about cold winters, high temperatures, or strong sunlight if the balcony is on the sunny side. While we’d love to tell you that you can’t overdo it with plants, it’s best to choose the ones that won’t occupy the entire balcony while they grow. Also, opt for those species that you know how to maintain and can dedicate a part of your time to, so that ultimately your plants can get the attention they deserve.

Decorations and details

That final “touch” can be achieved with details that best suit your personality. A cupboard and a mini bar with your favourite drink? Music devices and a good sound system? Bonsai trees and its arranging equipment? Vases and sculptures? Or even closed shelves with your favourite books?

You know best what you like the most and how you want to spend time in your balcony oasis!



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