There is no place like home - as our elderly would say - and we totally agree! Especially if your home is one of the Bel Village villas offering a handful of perfect spots for relaxing, resting your body and mind and getting that true zen moment. Let's explore them together!


At any time of the year, being in the sauna is an ideal way to create your inner peace and reward your senses. In addition to relaxing you to the maximum, its beneficial vapours will boost your immunity, release you of toxins and maintain a good blood flow in your body. It is a win-win situation!

Living room

From time to time, it is enough (or should we say, advisable!) to relax while watching a good film or TV series, with your favourite beer in your hand and a full bowl of snacks in your lap. The spacious living room of the Bel Village villa simply calls for hours of binging your favourite content on the largest screen with a perfect sound. A classic, some would say, but a classic with a touch of true luxury!


Supply yourself with scented salts, light a few aromatic candles, prepare a warm bath and move for an hour or two to your lavish, spacious bathroom. Do you like the idea? Of course you do, we never doubted it for a second.

Swimming pool

Imagine this kind of start of the day: you step out of your luxury living room, step into the yard and, hop, just jump into the pool right there in front of you. A morning swim will nicely refresh and energize you in an instant, and feel free to repeat this whole process throughout the day.

Roof terrace

If you like outdoor recreation, with birds chirping and the sun caressing your face, there is no need to look further than your roof terrace. Enjoy the view, take a good shot with your camera, and feel free to brag about it in front of your friends on Instagram. The terrace is also an ideal place for reading a good book, practicing yoga, or just lounging on your deck chair with headphones that are playing your favourite music. When it comes to relaxation, the choice is always yours.


Does cooking relax you? If so, Bel Village is made for you! Its modern equipped kitchen is ready for all your culinary adventures and experiments, and the spacious bar will serve you perfectly for preparing and slicing food, as well as enjoying delicious results of your efforts. Bon appétit!


Each Bel Village villa is surrounded by gardens and greenery, which is especially appreciated by those who like to relax while gardening and planting seedlings. Create your own little green oasis and proudly observe how the fruits of your labour grow.

Hobby room

Bel Village is quite spacious, which means that you can easily pick a room and remodel it into a place dedicated solely to your hobbies. Decorate your painting studio, workout spot, video game room, or anything else you like, and enjoy those everyday things that make you happy.

Relax and leave all your worries behind, you are now at your own Bel Village!



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