Although you can never get bored of staying at the Bel Village villa, it's always nice to explore new places, and it’s even better when they are within close reach. We present you with some ideas for weekend excursions to small towns and interesting locations near Zagreb, whether you are travelling alone or in good company.


Less than an hour of drive from Zagreb, you will discover Karlovac – a city of many parks, a city situated on four rivers, a city of roads, a royal city. Whether you decide to visit the walls of the old town of Dubovac, explore the hidden courtyards of the historical centre of Zvijezda, meet the fish in the freshwater aquarium Aquatika or simply walk around the city, your time will just fly by. Don’t forget to bring a bathing suit and take advantage of the summer heat and refresh yourself on the banks of the River Korana.


South of Karlovac you will find a real gem – the settlement of Rastoke, bathed in sun and greenery. Although it’s a small settlement, it has 23 waterfalls and countless rapids that make this place special. A peaceful environment and wonderful nature will recharge your batteries and you will be ready to return to your everyday life. Plitvice National Park, which tells a story of its own, is located near Rastoke and is certainly worthy of your attention and time.


Apart from its famous kremšnite (vanilla slice), this small town near Zagreb offers a lot of awe-inspiring sights and experiences. The historical story is narrated by the remains of the old town of Samobor, which are awaiting restoration, but still offer an insight into the true history of this area. The historical story continues in the Samobor Museum. For those seeking spiritual peace, Samobor offers the Samobor Calvary located in the idyllic shade of the hill Tepec. The Calvary consists of 13 Stations of the Cross with various sculptures made of artificial stone. You should also visit the Grgos Cave, which has been declared a protected geomorphological monument of nature due to its rich collection of discovered cave jewellery.


Hrvatsko zagorje also has quite a lot to offer. The Trakošćan castle, park forest and lake are a protected historical and cultural heritage and an ideal place for weekend sightseeing. For adventure lovers, there is a beautiful thick forest next to the castle with several hiking trails leading to the mountain lodge which offers a magical view of untouched nature. The castle has been converted to a museum, and you can take a boat ride on the lake and enjoy the scenery.

Which one are you going to visit first?



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