Furnishing and decorating a home is a demanding job and one should think about it carefully, in order to include both the design and functionality into consideration, especially when choosing large pieces of furniture such as wardrobes. Therefore, you should start with creating a shopping plan, which includes the following points...

Dimensions and space

The most important thing to have in mind when buying a wardrobe is measuring the dimensions of the space in which you plan to put your wardrobes. It is extremely important to measure the space well and make sure that the dimensions are correct, so that you don’t end up with wardrobes that are a few centimeters too wide or buy those that are too small for your space and don’t make the most of the room.


When we walk into a furniture store, we often make a crucial mistake and buy something just because we like it, without thinking about how it will fit into the existing design of the home. So, before buying, you need to define the design guidelines. It is better to adapt the wardrobe to the design than to create a design based on your new wardrobe. Trends dictate wardrobes that are simple and don’t stand out too much in a room.

Type of wardrobe

If you have a smaller space, wardrobes with sliding doors are a great option. Also, to avoid a bulky look of your wardrobes, you can opt for built-in custom wardrobes in order to use the entire space from the ceiling to the floor. The dream of every wardrobe lover is a popular walk-in wardrobe that is full of space to store your favourite clothing items. Of course, this requires a lot of space and tidiness, but it creates a luxurious impression of your home. If you want to make full use of your space, the mirror doesn’t have to stand on the wall, you can fit it into your wardrobe doors.

Pay attention to the type of wardrobe when deciding in which room you will put it. Bulky wardrobes have no place in the living room; they will function better in the bedroom. Also, avoid large wardrobes in hallways as they can clutter the space, so choose smaller dressers instead.

With a little planning and thinking to the ideal wardrobe for your bedroom and living room!



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