Welcome to our lives, spring! The warm rays of the sun, the chirping of birds, and the blooming flowers are only a few signs that the winter is finally behind us; that it is time to escape our four walls and take a walk in nature or in the fresh air. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony, you will have no problem, at all.

Learn how to turn your balcony into a “living room” with just three simple DIY projects.

Coffee Bar

Is there a better feeling than drinking your first morning coffee? For many people, a cup of hot coffee is essential for a good start of the day. Since coffee bars are not always an option, you can turn your balcony into a private coffee bar, where everything looks exactly as you have imagined. After taking its size into consideration, add some furniture—table and chairs. Make sure it’s not cramped. Folding chairs, that are easy to store and fold when not needed, are a smart choice. And yes, besides functionality, you should also take care of the design. If you have a favorite coffee bar, try to recreate it with details such as cups, flowers, lamps…

Everything at Your Fingertips

In order to have a functional balcony or terrace in the first place, everything should be at your fingertips, and not present an obstacle. So, assign function to every part of your balcony. If you are a fan of plants, use the balustrade and place the flowers in hanging pots to save space. Excellent chefs know how important herbs are in every dish, so home-grown herbs on your own balcony are the perfect option. Dedicate a part of your balcony to herbs and maintenance tools. The space for relaxation and rest must be a real oasis, so it would be ideal to have a coffee table next to the chair where you can enjoy reading a book, drinking your favorite drink, or eating a delicious dessert.


To take full advantage of the fresh air and spring sun rays, you can move a part of your home gym to the balcony. You can store your equipment in a wooden box that can also serve as a bench. Folding chairs now play an important role as you will have more space to do your exercises, and the planted flowers will give you privacy.

A balcony can be a small space for your great pleasure!



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